May be quite by chance (or because of some aim) you got to my site.
               So, let me introduce myself. My name is Elena Korol. You shouldn't ask a lady about age, but you can know every thing about her hobbies.
The fate played an evil trick on me. It gave me chance of walking it made me stay either in bed or in arm-chair.
A turned my life upside-down. Very few people are in the situation like that. It summed to me that I was like a swimmer in a fast-flowing river which I could either be drowned is called life because of my disease or to become an excellent swimmer and swim against the current. I have chosen the second way. Thanks to God in reward for my poor health, I was given strong spirit, courage and love to people who are close to me.
My Mum is a very sunny person with a strong character. Thanks to her I wasn't lost in this world. I have grown a cheerful person who has lots of hobbies, und who enjoys life. She taught me to value in people honesty and faithfulness. And I also try to be honest and faithful.
I can't but mention my younger sister Marina. Since early childhood she was my little helper and my great opponent. Now we forgot about our childish argument and this young pretty girl can give me very useful advice.
I've got one more treasury in my life - my friends. I can't name all of them, the list is too long. I can just underline that these are people with great heart.
I enjoy hectic life. Not long ago I opened Internet for myself. I also began to study computer animated cartoons. I came to conclusion that a computer gives a chance to find the place in life to people who have health problems.
In this site you can find my poems. They are written in my native language - Russian. You can also see some of my works made by Flash. You can write me
a letter. I'll be very glad to help you, to give good advice or simply to listen to you.
Hope you aren't tired of reading my long introduction. Thank you for reading it.
Take care and be happy!
Lena from Belarus.

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